July 18: Kulya Nzogu - Consulting For Global Businesses

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July 11, 2021
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July 28, 2021

July 18: Kulya Nzogu - Consulting For Global Businesses

This Congo Live episode features opportunities in Congo and across the African continent in the areas of business, technology, politics, and art. Our guest, Mr. Ngozu Kulya, is a Congolese businessman, analyst, and art collector based in the Washington, DC area. Mr. Kulya specializes in topics such as Sino-African relations, African governance, African art, and business and technology investment on the continent.


A Congolese native, Kulya is a business consultant based in the Washington DC area. He is currently a managing director at a consulting company specialized in global business management, public policy and international development, and multicultural training. At this “boutique firm”, he manages the daily operations of the firm’s three divisions and supervises a wide range of projects on behalf of clients as varied as start-ups, global corporations, state agencies, international development organizations, universities, etc.

Prior to his current position, Kulya has had experience working in the financial services and IT industries in Europe and in North America. He was also involved – either as a consultant or an investor - in a variety of business ventures in sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to his activities as a consultant and an entrepreneur, Kulya is also an independent analyst focusing on African and global affairs. His main areas of expertise are China-Africa Economic Relations; Governance and Democracy; Innovations in the financial sector; and Telecoms revolutions in Africa. As an analyst, he is frequently invited by various US-based think tanks and universities to speak on issues related to trade and development, finance in emerging markets, international affairs, and governance and democracy.

An art lover, Kulya is an avid collector of antique and contemporary African arts. His plans are to partner with other collectors and organize a series of exhibits, in the United States, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, showcasing the beauty, the diversity and the complexities of artworks coming from Africa.

An economist by training, Kulya has been educated at the universities of Grenoble (France) and of Geneva (Switzerland).