Keeping Congo Alive: A Congolese journey from the Motherland to America

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Keeping Congo Alive: A Congolese journey from the Motherland to America

Today’s show discussed the Congolese diaspora experience and highlight ways that Congolese immigrants continue to make a lasting impact on their communities in the United States, in their native Congo, and across the globe.

The guests, Kandenga Andy Mbuyi (President of Congolese Community in Chicago) and Kingole Patrick Tshilenge (Co-Founder of the Kimpa Vita Institute) shared stories about how they are engaging the Congolese community in the United States to remain engaged and active.


Kandenga Andy Mbuyi

Kandenga Andy Mbuyi currently serves as the president of the Congolese community of Chicago. Like every born and raised Congolese, he cherishes the dream to see one of the most gifted country on earth to live up to its full potential. Mbuyi has a passion for community service and making connections that enable progress. He holds a bachelor of science degree in economics from the State University of New York College at Buffalo.

A financial professional, he has worked in the consumer lending industry for leading banking institutions in the east coast and the Midwest. This experience has affirmed his belief that stable infrastructures, a sound banking system and access to capital are essential in the pursuit of progress.

Kingole Patrick Tshilenge

Kingole Patrick Tshilenge is a Congolese national residing in the United States of America. He holds a bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. He has served as the president of the African Student Association (ASA) at University of Connecticut. He has also worked in collaboration with Friends of the Congo, the Congolese Congress of the Diaspora, the Dynamic of the development of the Congolese Community, Congolese Association of Connecticut and other organizations on various project concerning the Congo.

Tshilenge is also the co-founder and current finance coordinator of the Kimpa Vita Institute, an organization hosting leadership retreat in the United States for young Congolese worldwide.