The authentic voices of Congolese people

About the hosts

Patricia Lokwa

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Patricia Lokwa is a Congolese American radio host of CongoLive!. She left the Congo at the age of 8 and has lived in West Africa, particularly Senegal before moving to to the United States in her teenage years.

At a young age, she understood the importance of Education as a driving force in changing the future of Africa. This is why she is currently majoring in Elementary School Education focusing on Special Education at Montgomerry College. She also is a student member at the Association of African Students in the Diaspora (AASD) and United Partners of Hope (UPH) which focuses on supporting first generation African immigrants and their transition into the American education system.

She has four years of experience at Crossway Community (CC) in The Family Leadership Academy (FLA) an educational program designed to give single, economically disadvantaged mothers the tools they need to become effective parents and prepare them to succeed in education, in the workplace, and in the global economy.

Lokwa is also a Development Consultant with the Friends of the Congo. She brings her passion and dynamic enthusiasm for Africa to her work around change in the Congo.

As a co-host for CongoLive!, she brings a cultural perspective of growing up in both Africa and the United States.

When not attending school and interning, she spends her time caring for her two beautiful children.

Kambale Musavuli

Kambale Musavuli, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a human rights activist committed to realizing peace and justice in the Congo. He has shared his experiences of partnering with a global community and Congolese civil society to end the country’s conflict and build lasting peace and stability in the heart of Africa. Kambale studied Civil Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro. Ever since, he has had a deep sense of community service and commitment to justice for all peoples. He has organized campaigns for social change and currently tours the United States, Canada, and Africa speaking to students and leaders alike - hoping to recruit them as active participants in a search for a better world.

In addition, he has also written for renowned publications, appeared on leading television and radio shows and in films. Some notable partnerships include writing for The Washington Post, New York Times and The Huffington Post, interviews on National Public Radio, ABC News and Al Jazeera English Television. Since 2008, he has been a member of International Advisory Committee for the City of Greensboro. In 2009, he received a Congolese Hero Award. He was also profiled by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for taking action to confront genocide and related crimes against humanity today.