July 11: Roger Muntu - Passion for Congo

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July 4, 2021
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July 11: Roger Muntu - Passion for Congo

Congo Live invited the creator and the host of the very successful radio show RM SHOW on Voice of America in Washington, DC, Mr. Roger Muntu. The show was a conversation with this very warm, funny, open and positively dynamic international radio and TV personality. A multi-talented star born and raised in the Congo, Roger Muntu shared with the Congo Live team how he started, what inspired him to shoot for the stars and how he keeps Congo alive in his work.

Roger Muntu, an American originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is radio and TV personality primarily at Voice of America and known for his work in Washington DC, especially as the longtime host of the M2 Show from 2005-2013. Roger is also an actor, a musician, an audio and visual producer, and an event promoter. He arrived in the USA from his motherland the DRC in 1989.

As a teenager, he was a member of the bands in high school which led him to start a recording business career; the M2 Production where he produced various international artists. Roger Muntu moved to comedy by forming the well-known “Mobutu comedies”. Other avenues of entertainment he has involved himself in include stand-up comedy, theatre shows, radio disc-jockeying and television presenting.

His first break into radio came with Voice of America. He is radio personalities that have a unique style and sensibility, he produces and he is the presenter of his own show the RM SHOW “The Roger Muntu Show.” The Roger Muntu show is a daily show which showcases music of different genres: Caribbean music, African, R&B and a comedy segment, as well as a weekly conversation with listeners on social issues.

Roger produced and presented his own show The M2 Show, an entertainment show that also covered social issues and politic before landing at VOA where he became a very influent reporter in Washington Forum a very popular TV show.

Roger and his wife, Julianne live in Annandale and have a three daughters, Amani, Mia, and Evie.